📌In the world of Zuki Moba,each NFT displays distinct attributes,stories,and characteristics. Did you own NFT Hero during the last INO?Try trading on Marketplace!
Let’s see the trading policy on Marketplace:

1. For Sellers:
Go to My NFTs,choose the one that is presented on the screen or the user can search for a particular NFT by its ID (This ID is unique for any given NFT),and set a price for the selling item (payment by $ZUKI)

2. Listing Cancellation:
If you don’t want to sell a given NFT,provided that it is still available on the website, you can cancel the listing and get your NFT back.The most convenient way to search the NFT that you want to cancel its listing is go to the marketplace and search it by ID

3. For Buyers:
Go to the marketplace, browse for the NFT that you would like to buy; or you can search for it by ID. If you decide to buy, click on Buy Now and then confirm the transaction on the web and on your wallet

❗️Note: After a successful purchasing transaction, the seller will get 95% out of the transaction amount, the remaining 5% is marketplace fee and will be transferred back to SaleWallet. There is no listing fee and cancellation fee (except for the transaction fee applied by BSC network)

🌟Zuki Moba Marketplace will open for sale on December 8, 2021 at https://market.zukimoba.com . Do not miss!

❗️Note: Prepare your $ZUKI to buy NFT and $BNB for transaction fee
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